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We see you are here to become a part of our listing – welcome! The first step is to create an account for yourself on which you will be notified about the offers you receive. So hop on to that “sign-up” option right above.


Choose a Plan

Now that you’re a member of Service on Dial, we would like to know how should we assist you. Thus, comes step number two. You have to choose a plan for yourself which is going to decide how many times are you going to be listed. The plans include the “basic”, “professional” as well as “business” plan. Choose wisely and in accordance with your needs.


Submit Your Listing

Once you have shared your details and description with us. Once the admin verifies the information you have shared, we are going to list you in the concerned service segment depending upon the plan you choose for yourself. - We hope you have made the right choice for you. Once you will be listed on our platform, you are all set to receive notifications to prosper in the service that you specialize in.